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Charge Pal refers to the device that can directly charge the mobile device and itself have a storage unit.

Portable battery treasure own plug directly through the AC power supply can have a power storage device for charging the mobile device and its mixture, the equivalent of a charger and battery, standby power supply can be simplified compared to a charging plug device, and compared to the charger it has power storage device, with no direct power supply when going out or provide backup power for digital products.Portable battery treasure

Universal combination

Combination charging treasure is also called magic charging treasure. The design is fashionable, simple, atmospheric, collision color, color matching. Main body + energy block separation design, big or big, small or small, easy to carry. The charging speed of the traditional charging line and high-speed charging board is increased by more than one time. The standard battery core capacity is 10400mAh, the power is more abundant, can perfect delay power endurance, support 5V/2A charging output, can greatly improve the output speed, very suitable for long distance business trip use.

Ordinary charging

This kind of charging treasure does not have any expansion function, but can only charge and discharge. Most of them are more fashionable, and soft packaging core is used, which belongs to professional external portable charging treasure.

Portable charging treasure

Using USB input and output, it is necessary to charge the product by external charger or plug in the USB interface of the computer.Portable battery treasure

Folding in line charging treasure

With a folding AC plug, it can be directly inserted on the household socket for charging the product itself. The charger and charging treasure function in one, more practical and more portable.


In addition to charging, charging and discharging functions, they also integrate some other practical functions, such as LED lighting.Portable battery treasure

Solar charging

This charging treasure is equipped with solar panels, in the process of use, you can charge through the sun light. This kind of charging treasure is not very practical, must be in a sunny place to charge, and solar energy conversion rate is relatively low, so it is only suitable for auxiliary charging.

Matters needing attention

1, please do not adjust the output voltage to higher than the equipment voltage, otherwise it may cause damage to the equipment, please be sure to clear before use;

2, please use the specified charger;

  1. Forbid short circuit, decompose and throw into fire;
  2. The charger and battery can not be disassembled without permission;
  3. Pay attention to moisture proof and waterproof;

6, when idle, please put this product, so as to avoid children playing toys.Portable battery treasure