Common Problems of After Sale

1.what is the shipping date??

We will arrange the delivery within two days after receiving the order.

2.Can I apply for a replacement if the goods are not satisfied?

Because the customs superxision policy is strict,products sold by Fierce Tiger do not support replacement service temporarily.

3.How to deal with the quality problems of the purchased goods?

Fiercr Tiger’s promises to comply with the goods after sale return policy, You can apply for return service.

4.When can I apply for return?

After goods purchased by Fierce Tiger’, You can apply for the return within 15 days after the confirmatin of the receipt, Cross border commodities(Involving customs clearance procedures and time limits)You can apply for return within 7 days after confirmation of the receipt.

5.How long is the return cycle?

In general within 7 days from the date of receipt of the defective goods for you to complete the processing.

6.When can I receive a reund?

we will reund the money for at the first time.

Finally: Happy shopping ^ – ^