Ten big speaker brands

Which brand of sound is good for ten big speaker brands

1, JBL

The US JBL company, the world’s ten major brands of audio, the ten major brands of car audio, the famous brand of home theater, the brand of Harman Kardon International Group, the famous international brand, and the most influential business.

JBL founder ——JAMES B LANSING James.B. Mr. Lansing, since 1920 has been engaged in the development of loudspeaker technology. In 1946, he started his own business and established a JBL company. His untimely death, but he founded the JBL company has for decades been leading audio industry, become a giant manufacturer of loudspeakers.

The first generation of JBL products in 1947 was evaluated by the sound industry as a standard for industrial standards. JBL’s slogan: in every field of professional audio, we are the leaders, leading technology beyond one of the new times. We provide the best performance of the new products for the vast number of users.

From New York in the United States to Beijing and Shanghai in China, the JBL sound box can be found in every corner of the world. From the large sports venues, the elegant Theater Concert Hall, the splendid hall hotel, the bustling disco, the dance hall and even the serious church, they are all JBL’s performing stage, providing the original sound of “original flavor”, “no distortion” and “no rendering” for the majority of users.

JBL is the largest professional speaker manufacturer in the world. It can control everything from raw material development, speaker unit design and production, loudspeaker design and production to its own hands. The JBL sound box has a wide range of services.

In the professional field including the cinema, large sound engineering, large flow performance, studio monitor, band with sound, and places of entertainment such as disco, dance hall, bar, Cara OK……

Civil aspects, from the most advanced fever sound, and even the most popular home theater combination… JBL can be seen everywhere.

In late 90s of the last century, the famous American Haman international in the re composition of Haman Caton company, decided to the orientation of JBL products for civilian equipment (Home Audio). When JBL civilian flocking to the global market, the real JBL Kingdom gradually disappear, that has created 4344, 4425, K2 JBL (JBL PRO) the miracle is not here, these products have become the object of global audio fancier collection because has been out of print, because even now, we cannot find the speaker system can match other brands 4344, when we bid farewell to the expert JBL, should be a funeral oration for it, it was brilliant to praise. But up to now, JBL is still leading the world’s sound world shock and “original taste” feeling.

2, Dr. Bose

BOSE is one of the largest loudspeaker manufacturers in the United States. Its headquarters is located in Massachusetts, and there are hundreds of engineers engaged in research and development. It is a wholly owned company.

Bose’s products also have excellent performance in the field of car audio and space science and technology.

In addition to civilian products, Bose has extensive development in the field of professional acoustics. The Bose professional audio system has been successfully applied to large sports venues, multi-functional conference rooms, churches, high-end hotels and brand flagship stores.

3, Tianlong Denon

DENON company was founded in 1910, formerly known as Columbia, Japan. It is an old brand of audio production in Japan, and the founder of digital recording. It has been developing for nearly a hundred years.

In the past years, the HI-FI products produced by DENON have built up a very high reputation in the hearts of the enthusiasts, established an excellent reputation and won numerous praise throughout the world. Now, DENON has applied its rich experience and patent technology to audio and video equipment, which has been praised by many audio fans as the first brand of home theater.

DENON is famous for its pure and fashionable quality products, and the most important is its proven patent technology and technology. As an audio and video equipment manufacturers, DENON came out on top, dedicated to the production of audio and video equipment at the forefront of technology. Today, the name of DENON is equivalent to a very powerful visual effect and a subtle and powerful surround sound. From the home theater to the HI-FI to the mini system, DENON has shown the natural sound and beauty picture has a global reputation.

4, Crown

AVANCE crown, the famous Danish sound brand, is the pronoun of the “Danish sound”. Avance is unique in the industry with an amazing design style and sound quality to create a concrete loudspeaker that is popular in the world. Avance has a great contribution in the history of Hi-Fi sound development.

Avance was founded in 1973 by Poul Rossing (Paul Le Sheng), a coastal city Holbeak in Kingdom of Denmark, and became a world-famous brand of Hi-Fi in just a few years. AVANCE originally originated from the love of music by Poul Rossing (Paul music saint). The most prestigious “sound Godfather” in Europe today showed great interest and talent for the sound of the sound. At the same time, he has an extraordinary ability to comprehend music. In his schooldays, he was a drummer of the local jazz band. This experience deeply influenced his subsequent design concept and made AVANCE brand continue for more than thirty years.

Shortly after, AVANCE launched the world’s first Hi-End box with concrete material as a box and asymmetrical shape, with almost no resonance and sound dyeing in the box. The sound emitted from the concrete speaker has very high analytical force and dynamic response. The intermediate frequency is clean and the background is clear. Although the sales volume was not large at that time, it was highly rated in the sound circle. Especially in Europe, Japan and other countries as “Shenpin fancier”. The success of R & D of concrete speakers has not only laid a foundation for AVANCE’s historical position in the field of HI-FI audio, but also made AVANCE a world-famous brand from a Danish local brand.

5, B&W

Bowers&Wilkins (Wei Jian Bauer), founded in 1966, is the UK’s leading audio brand, manufacturing and research has been focused on the speaker technology, industrial design with clear pure sound quality and simplicity, praised by music enthusiasts and professional studio.

Since the birth of Bowers&Wilkins (Baohua Wei Jian), the belief that John Bowers, one of the founders of the brand, “faithful to the true voice” has been running through its whole product. From hi fi speakers, home theater, new media products to car audio, every Bowers&Wilkins product is designed to make every note and every lingering charm lingering without any harm, and it flows out of the original flavor and presents immersive auditory enjoyment.

6, Hivi Hivi

Hivi Hivi, audio ten brands, home theater ten brands, the famous Hi-end advanced speakers manufacturer, the world’s top speakers and speakers manufacturing multinational products.

HiVi Hivi comes from China, the reputation of the world. After more than 20 years of rapid development, HiVi Hivi has become the world’s top audio manufacturing company, and has been known as a top class of all kinds of top electroacoustic products.

As a world-renowned Hi-End advanced audio manufacturer, Hivi HiVi has gained such acclaim in the world. HiVi Hivi combines the world’s top electro acoustic technology with China’s precision manufacturing technology, so HiVi Hivi has the best quality and the highest price performance.

7, Tianlong

Tannoy Tianlong became a part of Danish TC group in 2002. It was founded in 1926. It is one of the oldest and most famous audio brands in the world, and is one of the largest speakers manufacturing group in the world.

TANNOY, a world-famous brand destined to have some kind of marriage with audios, is a condensation and portrait of the cultural, historical and technological progress of the Tianlong. The history of Tianlong can be traced up to the first century, that is, London, England, began to use radio broadcasting in 1926. It is a time when the filament voltage of an electronic tube radio is still using low voltage DC power supply. And all the electricity use almost all appliances powered by battery, so the battery charging it often needs to be widely adopted.

8, Dan take

Danah, Danish top fever sound brand, famous loudspeaker manufacturing brand, professional sound and loudspeaker production enterprises.

Tanner, sound world ten big brands, well-known (famous) car audio brand, began in 1977, Denmark’s top have a fever audio brand, the world’s top brand speaker, is famous for its accurate sound, sensitive and specific features such as audio and video, professional recording room and car in the field of sound is also excellent.


The Yamaha Corporation was a company that established a long history in 1887. YAMAHA has a solid position in the world market through worldwide sales companies.

More than 100 years ago, a young entrepreneur named Ye Yinnan set out to make a high quality reed organ and created the Yamaha Corporation. Soon, the company not only produced the first Japanese piano, but also received recognition from overseas. In 1904, YAMAHA pianos and accordion won the honor award at St. Louis World Expo.

Based on a good start, the Yamaha Corporation has gradually developed into the world’s most popular instrument manufacturer. With the development of the company, Yamaha Corporation has diversified investments in the wider range of products and services with its leading technology and exquisite technology.

Nowadays, YAMAHA has been in the leading position in musical instruments, audiovisual products, information technology, new media business, furniture, auto parts, special metals, music education and resorts. However, as the origin of our music is, no matter what industry we are in, no matter which country we are in, we always pursue the perfect coordination of public value, which is the formation of YAMAHA world.

YAMAHA sound (China) Investment Co., Ltd., the ten major piano brands, the world’s ten major sound brands, the world’s leading brand of musical instruments.

YAMAHA sound (China) Investment Co., Ltd., founded in May 2002, is a wholly foreign-owned enterprise invested by Japan YAMAHA Corporation in China. After the succession in the China set up other 6 subsidiaries for YAMAHA Electronics (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., Hangzhou YAMAHA musical instruments Co. Ltd., Tianjin YAMAHA Electronic Instrument Co. Ltd., Xiaoshan YAMAHA musical instruments Co. Ltd., YAMAHA Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and YAMAHA Instrument Technology (Shanghai) Limited training. YAMAHA sound (China) Investment Co., Ltd., together with the above six subsidiaries, formed a YAMAHA group.

10, KEF

KEF, from the famous British loudspeaker brand, international well-known sound brand, specialized in sound research and development and production enterprises, the British KEF company.

KEF was founded in Britain in 1961. Raymond Cooke (1925 – 1995), head of the former Engineering Technology Department of the British BBC broadcasting company, was established with his partner. The goal of Cooke is to create a loudspeaker with excellent sound quality and to be able to reproduce the original recording faithfully and naturally, which is still the core spirit of the company.

For half a century, KEF has focused on sound innovation, and its products in order to recover the original simplicity sound and simple atmospheric appearance and respected all over the world fancier and music lovers. The brand promise of the “innovator of the sound industry” has been running through its series of products. Whether it’s Hi-Fi speaker, home theater system, headset or digital audio, each product uses advanced technology and performs well in similar products.

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