Smart Watch Characteristics

A Good Smart Watch Should Have What Kind of Characteristics

1, smart watches, first of all, if a good watch. Normal people can only bring one, so smart phone watches need precise timing function and clear time display.Smart Watch Characteristics
2, smart watches need to be very, very good looking. Watches for many people, not only a functional equipment, but also an ornament, especially for the rich handsome and white jade. Persuading him / her to take off expensive Swiss watches, and not making much with an electronic quartz watch, is totally unreliable. Smart Watch Characteristics
3, the function and uniqueness of smart watches, when will use smart watches, meeting inconvenient to take mobile phones, lightweight vibration motor? Go to the beach swimming, take the phone is not reliable.Intelligent Watch
4, smart watch battery to pass, mobile phone charging every day is enough to toss about. Another watch would be too annoying if you charge it every day. At least to catch up with Symbian mobile phone level, 3, 5 days to support the past. And not fever, hot, otherwise the watch Logo hit arm up. In fact, there are also some perfect smart watches on the market, such as: FashionComm is equipped with digital music source, equipped with call function, users can receive, call or receive information anytime and anywhere.Smart Watch Characteristics
In addition, FashionComm mobile data, a built-in pedometer can all-weather records user’s health immediately on the screen display precision. By GPRS or USB music source novel watch band fast transfer motion data to the PC terminal, more moving cloud platform login music source, a comprehensive understanding of the motion data to clear grasp of health status, but also share a key to QQ, micro-blog, WeChat and other media platform.Smart Watch Characteristics
FashionComm A1 integrates motion monitoring, telephone, SMS, photography, video, recording, alarm clock, music, Bluetooth and other functions, standby time can be up to 220 hours.Smart Watch Characteristics

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